You are here at the home on the web of K.H. Briegel (PTY) Ltd., a group that has for its focus the diagnostic testing, overhaul, fine-tuning and reconditioning of diesel fuel equipment, which includes but is not limited to the support of the related fuel pumps, engine governors, turbochargers and UPS auxiliary generators.

General Overview

Our team of proficient technicians specializes in providing a high-precision service optimizing the performance of diesel fuel injection equipment. They are enabled to do this by their own expertise and high skills in applying the tools of our state-of-the-art facility, as well as by the availability and wide range of the quality components from our extensive inventory of spare parts.

We are sales’ agents for such parts, which we source from across a broad spectrum of reputable international makers.

The company’s main base is located a short stretch away from Cape Town’s harbour and is within easy reach of the N1 highway.

Our premises there, which extend over 1250 square metres, accommodate our head office and a  factory that was purpose-built and completed to our specifications in 1980 and has continually been kept current with the latest modern standards.

Please enjoy your visit here and be sure to familiarize yourself with the details in our other pages  of the ways we can help you get the most benefit from your diesel equipment.