Information Disclosure.

  • Full name and legal status of website owner: K.H. Briegel (PTY) Ltd.
  • Company registration number: 1972-007993-07
  • VAT registration number: 4210109221
  • Registered address and address where legal documents can be served: 33 Milner Road, Metro Industria Paarden Eiland 7405, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.
  • Postal address: P.O. Box 308,  Paarden Eiland 7420 Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.
  • Telephone number: +27 (0) 21 511 5636
  • Main business: K.H. Briegel (PTY) LTD operates within South Africa and its neighbouring countries, and its main business comprise the diagnostic testing, overhaul and performance optimization of diesel fuel equipment, which include but are not limited to injectors, governors with their controllers, turbochargers and the related components.
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  • Official email address for queries: Info at BriegelDiesel dot com
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  • Membership of self-regulatory or accredited bodies: S.A.D.F.I.A.
  • Complaints: Any complaints related to the BriegelDiesel website shall be lodged at the K.H. Briegel’s registered address, alternatively, by emailing to: Info at BriegelDiesel dot com. Users hereby assign the copyright in such complaints to K.H. Briegel and acknowledge that K.H. Briegel may use, disclose and publish such complaints and is furthermore under no legal duty to answer, resolve or address such complaints.
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