Who We Are


Our group was founded just over fifty years ago by Karl Heinz Briegel who was one of a small band of pioneers to introduce and support diesel fuel injection technology in Cape Town.

From those early, small beginnings our enterprise has steadily grown until it includes now a team of over 16 dedicated professionals and it has spread its activities further afield, where these often reach across much of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why us?

Our success in retaining a significant percentage of satisfied customers is due mostly to a rare capability in supplying the best products and services in support of their needs relating to diesel fuel injection and engine governor equipment.

The high standards which when allied to our values enable us to excel in serving our customers include:

  • State-of-the-art facilities for  testing, diagnosing and optimizing equipment performance, operated by staff that have the expertise to apply these to best effect.
  • The professionalism of our dedicated technicians with the motivation to keep abreast of diesel-related innovations.
  • The availability of quality, genuine parts from our extensive inventory.

The excellent results delivered by our technicians are enabled also by work in surroundings, which they keep meticulously clean and dust-free to avoid contamination of the equipment in their care.

Our values

  • Customer service: At Briegel Diesel, we are seldom content at merely satisfying our customers’ expectations but enjoy often exceeding them.
  • Quality: We are intent on supplying components and producing work in which we can take pride.
  • Integrity: We continue the practice of straight-dealing, that has been the tradition with us ever since it was begun by our founder.
  • Complete solutions:  We are sticklers for thoroughness.
  • Lasting results: As we do not believe in “band-aids” or “quick fixes”, they have been permanently ruled out by us.
  • Reliability: Customers know that when they need someone who will deliver, they can count on Briegel Diesel