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Governor retrofit emergency genset – Desert Diamond

We were recently tasked with the fuel pump overhaul of the ex-Russian trawler Desert Diamond”, an old SKL engine designed early during the cold war period.

The old mechanical governor was in bad shape and the spares were not available in the short time before the vessel had to sail.

Reconditioned fuel pump with actuator fitted on engine

Our team got to work, overhauled the fuel pump and fitted a new state of the art Woodward digital electronic governor system.

In the space of one week a complete system comprising governor, actuator, and power supply with redundancy was designed and built into a standard metal cabinet.  In the cabinet door are control lamps and switches which are simple and easy to use.

All installed on board and commissioned as a turnkey project.

A cost effective solution with a marked improvement in performance resulting in better fuel economy,  supplied ex stock in Cape Town.

Electronic actuator connected to fuel rack with low friction ball joints
a simple intuitive control panel

Fuel injection from yanmar

Yanmar logoThe full range of genuine,  original parts that we source from this maker enable our technicians to apply these to supporting to the best effect your requirements for diesel fuel injection.

The combination of this with our technicians’  long experience and proficiency at servicing this maker’s products,  results in a longer life and optimized performance for your diesel fuel equipment.

Yanmar electric fuel injector pump

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Fuel injection from stanadyne

Stanadyne logoThe extensive range of quality,  genuine parts of this brand that we store enable us to keep our team supplied with all  that they would require to  assure quick and effective support of your  diesel fuel injection components.

Coupled with our technicians’ expertise with this maker’s products, this translates into an optimized performance and a longer life for your diesel equipment.

Stanadyne diesel fuel pump

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