What We Do


By entrusting the care of your diesel fuel equipments to Briegel Diesel, you stand to benefit from those equipments’ reduced fuel consumption and their optimized performance, as well as from an extension of their operating lives.

Our Specialities

The types of services that fall within our field of expertise cover those that relate to fuel injection, governing and turbocharging on all diesel engines from 2 to 100,000 horse power. (Turbocharging only for automotive and high speed aux. types).

Please note that as a Woodward AISF (Authorized Independent Service Facility), our forte is supporting equipment from that supplier.


In particular, the care we are able from long experience to provide your diesel fuel equipment include these services:

  • Fault finding and diagnosis: You tell us the symptoms and we will advise where to look. (Important aspects of this are the exhaust smoke color and load conditions.)
  • Extraction: We can assist in removing the component(s) from the engine or other prime mover and in bringing these to our workshop for repair, as appropriate.
  • Cleaning and overhaul: Our staff will skillfully dismantle, clean, assess and overhaul your equipment. Where required they will also repair these using only genuine O.E.M. parts whenever possible, unless others by mutual agreement. (Repairs are done only for fuel injection and regulator equipment.)
  • Reconditioning: Where indicated, our technicians will deftly restore to a good condition your equipment according to makers’ standards.
  • Testing, calibrating: We are adept at performing these, as well as adjustments to makers’ standards in dedicated test frameworks for fuel injection equipment and for all types of governors and control equipment.
  • Refurbishing: Members of our team are well-versed in refurbishing as well as repairing fuel racks and linkages.
  • Installation and adjustments: Briegel Diesel’s technicians are expert at installing fuel injection pumps, governors on engines or other prime movers and adjusting fuel pump timing & control racks.
  • Commissioning and fine-tuning: We have the people with the right skills for attending to engine start-ups after overhauls and for fine-tuning fuel balancing & governor control.
  • Load sharing adjustments: Our team’s capabilities extend to attending to the proper load sharing adjustments of multiple generator sets.
  • Extra or Special services: We are also equipped to provide certain additional special services such as:
    1. Ultrasonic cleaning of charge air coolers and other metal components.
    2. Fault finding on common rail passenger and light commercial vehicles.
    3. Applying our Bosch stage three repair facility and procedures for common rail fuel systems.
    4. Rebuilding; subject to arrangement we can rebuild “vintage” equipment.

Service Delivery:

Services of the above type can be delivered as appropriate, either:

  • On our own premises
  • On-site at client by arrangement